Coach Chuck Cotton
Charles Loarn Cotton III
Dad, Coach, Brother, Husband & Friend

Coach Chuck Cotton 
 $500 Memorial Scholarship 
~For a Child Athlete of a Coach~
  1. Little Cowboy Chuck
  2. Nederland Bulldogs
  3. Chuck @ Nederland High School
  4. West Hardin Oilers
  5. Chuck @ Nederland High School
  6. Hamshire Fannett Longhorns
  7. Hardin Jefferson Hawks
  8. West Hardin
  1. Faith
    You can do nothing without your faith. Establish your relationship with the Lord and all else will fall into place. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Always remember your values.
  2. Family
    Your family is your support, your first priority and it is your position to be the best you can be for them. You can adopt others to be family members but always remember your core.
  3. Athlete
    Run all the way through the finish line, support your team mates and give the best you've got on and off the field, its all anyone can ask of you.