Coach Chuck Cotton Scholarship

He was always there when you needed him most!

My dad played many roles as most coaches do.  Confidant, Leader, Role Model, Friend and sometimes even a father figure to his athletes. As a child, it was sometimes confusing to be in a position to share my dad with others but as I grew older I realized what a tremendous honor it was for people to see him this way.  I didn't have the luxury of knowing my grandfather who was also a coach but from the stories that have been shared with me, I have no doubt that my dad took after him.  It is truly a blessing to be a coach's kid and I will always hold close to my heart the continued stories I hear about the lives he changed.

Growing up an athlete and a coach's son....
Born in San Angelo, Texas, Coach Cotton knew exactly what is was like to grow up surrounded by the fields.  He grew up a coach's son.  A coach's nephew.  A teacher's son. You get the idea....he grew up surrounded by adults that loved children.  Expectations were high and sometimes demanding.

This is not anything new to a child of a coach. It's just a way of life.  Parent coaches push a little harder, expect a little more and want the best for not only you but also your fellow team mates. You see it everyday through their passion of coaching.